The Birthday Parties... I Can't Keep Up!
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2018-11-16 Shannon-7163.jpg

Can we talk birthday parties? There’s one just about every weekend, and my boys love em’ ALL! They get amped on sugar and run around like maniacs for 2 hours, and then crash when I pick them up.

I usually can’t keep track because I forgot to put on the calendar... and then I can’t find the Evite.... And then I’m running out to grab a gift last minute. Anyone else?

BUT, one of my girlfriends recently told me she started stocking up... on lava lamps (What kid wouldn’t want a lava lamp?) Brilliant right!?

My latest ‘go-to’ is dominos sets. All my guys love building courses and DeanO loves knocking ‘em down.

So, I’ve been buying a few at a time to have on hand. This has made my life so much easier. @ridleysgames has a fun retro one @target .

And, @tjmaxx has the best wrapping paper! What’s your ‘go to’ for kid’s birthday presents?

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