The Memory Circle - Barri Leiner Grant

“I carry you like my own personal time machine, As I put on my lipstick, smile, and head out to the party.”

-- Donna Carnes “Walk On”

Two years ago, A dear friend of mine sent me a link for an ‘Honoring Our Mother’s’ yoga class that was taking place on Mother’s Day weekend. She said, ‘I don’t know if this is your thing, but I wanted to send in case you were interested.’ I knew nothing about it, but I immediately clicked on the link and signed up. I told three of my girlfriends who have lost their mother’s, and they immediately went online and signed up as well. I think we all yearned for a connection like this, and this seemed like a beautiful way to dedicate the day to our Mom’s.

The class was hosted by two incredible women, Barri Leiner Grant and Amy Owen. Both have lost their mothers, and they wanted to create a reflective and sacred space. A new tradition for women who are a part of a club, they didn't want to be a member of. It was exactly what I needed. We did yoga, we wrote, we shared, some of us had a good cry, and we did it together. It’s now my Mother’s Day weekend tradition. I’m so grateful I went.

Barri Leiner Grant is many things- She’s an author, stylist, collector, yogi, meditator, bad word lover, and now the founder of The Memory Circle.

The Memory Circle was born of a desire to make the grief cycle a shared and more open experience. Leiner Grant’s work as an author, stylist and collector has made the art of storytelling a centerpiece of her life. Her certification as a yoga and meditation teacher combined with the sudden loss of her mother decades ago, prompted this personal mission to heal and help the bereaved through her blog, workshops and gatherings--each bathed in ways to celebrate the spirit and memory of those lost and loved.

“I lost the love of my life in the summer of 1993--suddenly and without warning. My mother, Ellen Jane Deutsch, went to the Jersey shore to enjoy a well-deserved day off and never came home. Quietly, there at her favorite place on earth, she suffered a brain aneurysm in her beach chair on Sandy Hook. She was just 50.

I have always been very open, authentic and verbal around my loss and stories about my Mom. I do think as you move through the process, it can be cathartic to share your journey with someone who may be experiencing the same. My heart has been a magnet to those who have experienced loss. I meet them everywhere. The humanity I have felt in those moments; has transformed my grief many times over.

I had a dream of sitting shoulder to shoulder in community with others in their loss, whether new or decades old, unfurling our truth and tales. I have felt in the last few years that the final stage of grief, is to actually open up in service to others. In our crazy phone-led-lives, sitting with one another in a safe space where we are heard and seen in grief and memories, is the greatest gift I can think to give others in Ellen’s honor.”

You can check out Barri and The Memory Circle here: & @thememorycircle & @blg


Moving Memories: The Memory Circle @ Tribe Healing Arts

Every circle comes together for a reason, and this evening workshop is a chance incarnation for just that. Sit shoulder to shoulder in community to feel and heal together. Explore loss, grief and restorative healing through mindful meditation, heart opening yoga, guided and exploratory writing.

Join Barri Leiner Grant, founder of The Memory Circle, yoga+meditation teacher and writer along with Cari Rogers, intuitive massage therapist+yoga and mindfulness teacher, and co-founder of the Chicago’s beautiful wellness center, Tribe Healing Arts.

July 25, 2019


Tribe Healing Arts - 1821 W. Belmont Avenue, Chicago