The Benefits of Chinese Medicine in Children

Ann Roth speaking with our Twentyfoursevenmom group

Ann Roth speaking with our Twentyfoursevenmom group

Ann Roth is a licensed and Illinois Board certified acupuncturist and herbalist. She has a strong grasp of both Eastern and Western medicines. She practices in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood and specializes in pediatrics, autoimmune diseases, women’s health, insomnia, digestive disorders, allergy relief, anxiety, and stress-related disorders.  

 There are millions of children that fall into what we refer to as the "unwellness gap". These are kids that aren’t sick enough to be hospitalized and seemrelatively healthy, but they aren’t completely well either. They are experiencing low-grade illnesses with symptoms of asthma, allergies, ADHD, autism, eczema, constipation, anxiety & depression, and digestive disorders (just to name a few). Western medicine is offering symptom management but kids still aren’t being cured.

 “To treat the disease, find the root.” The foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine lies is its ability to find the root cause of disease to help you get well. The approach is very patient-centered and can offer tailored solutions for each individual.

 Safe, gentle, and effective, Chinese Medicine offers several modalities to treat children. I refer to it as my “tool belt” and I’m able to pass these tools along to you and your children to implement into your daily lives. 

 Treatment options include:

  • Acupuncture

  • Acupressure

  • Chinese herbal formulas

  • Tui na massage

  • Dietary therapy

  • Ear seeds

  • Mantras and activities to support the child’s natural element and help them thrive

 I utilize the Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine to easily discover your child's unique personality and style - wood, fire, earth, metal, or water. This theory follows the idea that by looking at the laws of nature we can align with the natural order of the seasons and live in harmony with nature and its rhythms.

 Each child has a dominant element that shapes their personality, temperament, and how they experience the world. A great example is how does a Mom that has metal qualities (structure, order, detail-oriented, measured) parent a child with fire qualities (expansive energy, always seeking out new experiences, attracted to novelty, impulsive).



  • I have a lot of energy and love running around and being physical

  • I’m curious about a lot of things and sometimes have trouble ‘looking with my eyes, not my hands’

  • I’m very competitive, I like to be first and win

  • I seek adventure and exploration

  • I want to figure out how to do it myself

  • Emotional response to stress is anger, frustrations, or quick temper


  • I’m charismatic, charming, I have a lot of energy and like having fun

  • I like to entertain my friends and family and love being the center of attention

  • My mood can change pretty quickly

  • I focus on enjoying myself right now, I don’t worry too much about the future

  • I easily make friend, and I’m comfortable in a variety of social settings

  • Emotional response to street is anxiety or overexcitement


  • It’s important to me that my family/friends are getting along, I’m uncomfortable if they don’t

  • I am a natural caregiver or great mother/father helper

  • I think a lot about ‘what ifs’

  • I am easy going and very affectionate- I love to hug, kiss, be physically close, especially to Mom

  • It can be hardd for me to make decisions, I take time to mull things over

  • Emotional response to stress is overthinking, worrying, or having obsessive thoughts


  • My room and desk at school are pretty organized and neat

  • I am sweet, gentle and easygoing but can be stubborn too

  • I like to know the schedule so I know what’s happening each day

  • I try to do my work and tasks ‘just right’

  • I’m particular about certain things, I have a certain way I like things to look/feel/taste/smell

  • I am active but enjoy quiet time

  • Emotional response to stress is tears, negative thoughts, or fixation on mistakes


  • I am mellow, mild mannered, and go with the flow

  • I like having a small group of really good friends

  • I like to take my time on tasks, I’m not in a rush to finish first

  • I am very imaginative and innovative- I have a rich inner world

  • My energy level is somewhat active but I need alone time

  • Emotional response to stress is to withdraw, run away, hide, or create imagined stories about stressors

By identifying their main element, we can start uncovering the root cause of the disease - thereby helping your child get in balance, prevent further illnesses and lead a happy & healthy life! I believe this also helps parents foster their child’s true nature and when stressors arise, whether in school, life, or health, they have the ability to identify what that child needs to navigate that challenge.

-Ann Roth

You can find Ann here: Active Balance

Instagram: @activebalancechi & @annroth

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