Eat Purely for KIDS

This is what all Mom’s dreams are made of… SERIOUSLY! Eat Purely is launching kids’ meals this week! All Eat Purely meals come fresh, chilled, and ready to warm up and serve. These pre- made meals are the perfect option for all the busy families on the go.

Eat Purely is based out of Chicago and serve to neighborhoods all over the city- as well as some of the suburbs directly north and west of Chicago. Eat Purely thrives on using seasonal ingredients to deliver restaurant quality meals to your door. Dietary restrictions are not a problem. Eat Purely offers gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, nut free, and dairy free options.

Our family loves to eat at home and cook together. I prefer cooking because I feel like we end up eating healthier, and theres something about getting all of us around the dinner table together that I love. We have entered the phase in our life where there are multiple sports practices a week, and its a constant juggling act. These nightly dinners together are now harder each week to achieve. We’re adjusting to this new ‘busy’ but I don’t want to get in the habit of fast food just because we’re constantly ‘on the go’.

We had the opportunity to try 4 of the new Eat Purely kids meals this week and the Peanut butter mousse (which was SO delicious) We did our own little taste test. The boys loved them, and gobbled it all up. The overall crowd favorite was the BBQ pulled pork and the mac n cheese meals. My personal favorite was the BLT wrap. Eat Purely is the perfect option for our family to have meals ‘on hand’ when theres no time for cooking.

If you’re looking for easy lunch/dinner options for your family, Give Eat Purely a try! The adult meals are just as tasty too. Use code: SHANNONB22 to try your first meal for free.

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