Chicago Girls' Weekend Guide

There are SO many great restaurants and beautiful cocktail spots in Chicago. It’s almost overwhelming to me. I can never keep up. I always find myself doing the same thing any time I need a Chicago recommendation- I call my girlfriend, Amber. She’s my gal!

Amber is always, ‘in the know’ on new Chicago restaurants, rooftops, and cocktail bars. Together, We’ve compiled a list for your next dinner/brunch, or girls’ weekend in Chicago.

*Sidenote- Because two of my favorite things in the world are coffee and dessert, I’ve added those categories to Amber’s list. Ha!


Touristy things…

Coffee Shops

And, I’m so excited to announce, Amber has created, The Gatsby Files. You’ve gotta check out her new app. It’s absolutely brilliant!

I've always loved the art of dining out.  I love the scene restaurants’ set...the drama of it all.  At the right place, it's like dinner and a show.  The mood has to be just right. After many years of friends asking for suggestions on their girl's night, date night or how to entertain their out of town guest.  I decided I should have somewhere to house all of these ideas. That’s what The Gatsby Files provides. A curated list of the best restaurants and cocktail hot spots in Chicago.   Absolutely every place would be approved by Jay Gatsby himself.  Cheers Old Sport! - Amber Carpenter