Gettin' Arts and Craftsy... & Organized 'ish

I don’t think anything makes a Mom happier than when her home feels organized. Am I right? It just gives us a sense of order that we crave in our busy, messy lives. And, Just when I have that feeling, *POOF*, the kids come home, and the house is destroyed. It was beautiful while it lasted, ha!

I struggle with this ALL THE TIME in our house. Letting go- embracing the mess and the chaos. But, there’s something about feeling organized that gives me a sense of peace. I also want to hold my boys accountable for cleaning up after themselves, putting things back where they belong, and not always doing it for them. That’s another thing I struggle with… I tend to want things a certain way, so I do it myself. I need to let go of that. (I’m a work in progress). I’ve discovered a few helpful storage solutions over the years for our craft area that has made it easier to keep organized.

The keys for keeping the organization in our house, and by ‘keeping’ I mean… We try our best-

  • Clear/See Thru Bins, The kids can easily see all the crafts, markers, crayons.

  • Paper Trays- The trays make it easy to grab the paper they want. I divide craft paper, plain ole’ white paper, and construction paper.

  • Separate by Color- I think it’s easier for kids to get creative when the same colors are together- same color markers, pencils, crayons. And, its a fun task for them to do! I go thru with the kids every couple months, and we toss out all the dried out markers, and sort them again.

  • A Few Key Crafts- Invest in a Craft Tape Dispenser, Scissor Caddy and a good set of Markers!

  • Label- Label the bins, caddys, lazy susan sections, so kids know exactly where things go!