Those Cherished Pieces In Your Home


One of my mom and I’s favorite traditions when she’d visit was walking to a vintage furniture store in my neighborhood, Praha.

I’m not kidding. We went every single time she came to Chicago and became friendly with the owner, @prahatodd. Todd specializes in the coolest mid century pieces and home accessories. We’d always leave with a treasure.

After my mom passed away, I couldn’t bring myself to go in there. The thought of it made me so sad because it was our place to go together. But awhile back I saw this ‘bullseye’ in the window and finally went in. I’ll admit it. I cried.

These Captain America looking ‘bullseyes’ are actually roundels. Used by military aircrafts, each country had it’s own circular identifying mark. This is France’s roundel. Each is dated, signed, and marked. I had it framed and now have in our basement.

I think my mom would be proud of my find... AND happy that I finally went into our store again.

@prahatodd Has so many more roundel prints in the store from different countries. Makes for a cool piece of inexpensive art for your home or kids room!