It's Wine O'clock Somewhere

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‘The reason kids are so expensive is all the wine we have to buy’

One thing I know for sure is Mom’s love wine. There’s something about a cold glass of sauvignon blanc when I’m making dinner that completes me. Did I just write that out loud?

What I didn’t know until last year is that many of my favorite wines are loaded with chemicals and sugar. Not only do companies load our foods with additives, but now we have to worry about our wine too?

The reason they do this? The additives makes it less expensive to make, the sugar makes it sweeter.

Scout and Cellar’s founder Sarah Shadonix was studying to become a sommelier. She started to find that she would have unbearable headaches from the wine she was tasting. She started diving into the wine world. She spoke with renowned naturopathic physicians and consulted with vintners and came to realize there are up to 300 chemical additives in almost all mass produced wine.

Sarah hit the road immediately. The mission- To travel all over the world and find the cleanest crafted wine and know exactly what goes into them. She transformed this passion into a company. Scout and Cellar only features wine that is grown naturally and bottled consciously. Everything is tested to ensure there are no synthetic pesticides or additives.

I decided to get behind this company because I’m doing my best to live a clean lifestyle, and none of us should have to drink chemicals and additives when enjoying a glass of wine, while making dinner for our families.

If you’d like to shop wines or just check out the company, Click here: Scout and Cellar